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DMPM - Dot Matrix Paint MarkingRonmas has developed it's own series of paint marking heads: From the single nozzle marker up to the seven nozzle marker, we have all types of paint marking units in our product range.

Adapted especially to your purpose we customise also stampers with more nozzles, e.g. eight nozzles for data matrix marking or 14 nozzles for stencilling two lines in a single move.

But Ronmas paint markers have all in common:

  • Robustness and therefore their high reliability.
  • High quality marking, also for data matrix marking
  • Variable character heights
  • Suitable for slabs, billets, profiles, semi–finished, pipes, etc
  • Full alphanumeric character set available including symbols

Paint cabinet and paint supply belong to best in class! Please talk to us - we will provide information.


Pipe marking and sheet marking is usually done by our DMPM-07 paint marker. While the product is passing the marking unit it is marked head, end, several times  or continuously with paint. Compared to ink, paint has the advantage of solid particles, which make paint more robust against friction, weather and sunlight. Additionally it provides a kind of rust protection, which avoids corrosion under the marking. The speed of the product is measured, and the marking is controlled by the marking system accordingly. Further devices for length measurement and weighing can easily by added. Length and weight can immediately be marked on the product.

For usually not moving products like in coil marking the marking head is applied either to a linear system or to a robot. Usually the robot is superior to a linear system because of it's flexibility, speed and maintenance friendliness.

All application mentioned above can also be done in a hot marking process. Using our own Ronmas high temperature paint HP2 all desired markings can be applied at temperatures of more than 1.000degr C. Due it's special composition this paint will remain snow white even after long times at 1.000degr C. No blurring and no peeling will reduce legibility of the writing


DMPM :: Dot Matrix Paint Marking DMPM :: Dot Matrix Paint Marking DMPM :: Dot Matrix Paint Marking DMPM :: Dot Matrix Paint Marking

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