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Ronmas - Dot Matrix Stamp Matrix

Ronmas has developed it's own series of stamp markers: From the fast single pin stamper up to the seven pin heavy duty stamper for continuous casting lines, we have all types of stamping units in our product range.

Adapted especially to your purpose we customise also stampers with more needles, e.g. eight pins for data matrix marking or 14 pins for stamping two lines in a single move.

But Ronmas stampers have all in common:

  • Robustness and therefore their high reliability.
  • High quality marking, also for data matrix marking
  • Variable character heights
  • Suitable for slabs, billets, profiles, semi–finished, pipes, etc
  • Full alphanumeric character set available including symbols

Applications of stamp markers:

Generally stamp markers are used when a metal product needs a safe and undeletable marking or when the marking should resist harsh conditions for a long time. Here the Ronmas stamp markers can be employed:

Revamping of existing cutting lines or saws by integrating the stamp markers either into the stopper of the conveyor or even into the movable / liftable stopper of the saw. Four lines with 10 characters each can be stamped in less than 6s (incl. positioning times). That makes the Ronmas stamp markers keeping up even with very modern sawing lines.

Certainly the Ronmas stamp markers can also be integrated into any other unit or conveyor of a finishing line. There it can serve for applying shipping marks, sample marking, inspectors marks on sheets, pipes, coils etc.

Ronmas stamp markers are also designed for hot applications just after the cutting process of continuous casters, where the temperatures still are at approx. 900degr C. The DMSM-01H or DMSM-07H leave perfect characters in the hot surfaces of cast slabs, blooms or beam blanks. Due to the low impact clamping of the products during marking is not required which avoids major changes of existing lines and reduces investment costs down to a minimum. Nevertheless depending on temperature and hardness of the slabs and blooms the depths of the individual imprints lay in the range of millimetres.

Also available is a modified M-Box which is suitable for graphite marking with stamped indents. Cautious treatment of the brittle graphite by the M-Box leaves nothing but the marking. This allows even marking of graphite with a data matrix.

DMSM :: Dot Matrix Stamp Marking DMSM :: Dot Matrix Stamp Marking DMSM :: Dot Matrix Stamp Marking DMSM :: Dot Matrix Stamp Marking

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