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Electronic Marking & Identification by RFID

EMIR - Electronic Marking & Identification by EMIREverybody is talking about RFID - technology, Ronmas provides solutions:

  • We have made the RFID-transponder work on metal: Pipes and slabs, steel and aluminium, all may be equipped with our RFID-transponders, which are sending back their identity and even more characteristics information to the central EMIR-system.
  • Fully automatic and error-free reading in shortest reading times [<1s] allow reliable tracking and tracing of your metal products during processing, storing and dispatch.

Wouldn't your customers be delighted, if your products register at their gates automatically?

Properties of Ronmas RFID-system EMIR:

  • RFID-technique applicable on metals
  • Robustness of tags – survive in harsh environment
  • Rolling mill proofed: resistant against water, oil, steam and dust
  • Can be applied on rusty and scaly surfaces, even on wet surfaces
  • Takes an individual number, which can also be printed on the tag
  • Fully automatic and error-free reading
  • Shortest reading times [<1s]
  • Far distance reading and writing
  • Can easily be connected to every superior level 2 system


RFID marking for slabs, billets, coils, tubes profiles, and other semi–finished products: Generally the RFID tag is of most value when it is applied in an early process step in the production. Then it's information can – automatically – be read at several production and finishing stands. At these stands manual work and consequently labour cost can be reduced. Reading and writing errors and their tremendous costs (searching, finding, checking, transporting, replacing, repairing etc.) will be avoided du to the exactness of electromagnetic reading and writing.

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